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BiteAway Insect Bite Healer

I've had my Bite Away for about 6 years, bought at the Grice Ave Pharmacy in Paradise Point, Qld. Worth every cent. Really do thoroughly recommend it especially for us mosquito magnets. For really stopping the itch at the beginning, for a good length of time depending on how badly I react, and instant relief afterwards, i try to keep my Bite Away to hand. I still need multiple other help like ice, antihistamines, etc, but it's controllable. Without my Bite Away, it isn't. The little gadget works for ages - months even in peak mozzie season - on one set of batteries. I confess to using it on almost anything i really must not scratch. The heat can actually feel really good on some bites. And it has a kids' setting. I've fixed kids like magic. Adults are pretty impressed too. Can't really believe it's lasted this long. Cheers!
Lisa Barry 11.03.2020

Thank you Equip,
I used your product on my son on the weekend. He was bitten by a bulldog ant out camping. My father in law had recently bought Bite Away and suggested I use it as I had forgotten most of things usually in my first aid kit.
As his bite was extremely painful I was willing to use anything as I had recently been bitten weeks before with 2hours of pain.
Once we pushed the button my son said the pain pretty much had gone in 30 seconds. Hence why I am now buying it and a few more friends will be visiting in the next few days to buy some as well.
Thanks for a great product.
Melissa Burgess 20th February 2017

Fill2Pure Travel Safe Advanced Filter 800ml and Fill2Pure Stainless 725ml with Extreme Filter have both been trialed by Dr David Rutherford and staff from Fremantle Travel Health.

I cannot recommend the Fill2pure water bottles highly enough for overseas travel and remote areas in Australia.
Using a combination of three steps for water purification it means you can simply fill them with most types of water in the knowledge that you are then drinking safe water. The filters are replaceable and the bottle comes in plastic and stainless steel.
I used my bottle in Nepal and my colleagues have used them in India, without any problems. I simply filled the bottle from the tap or streams as I went.
More importantly I have not needed to buy bottled water for over 12 months , in turn, helping the environment.
Dr David Rutherford February 2017

The following testimonal relates to Equip's ANTI Insect, ANTI Bacterial Sleeping Bags & Liners.

Below received from Jane Thorson, Events and Operations Manager at Ranger Outdoors Group Support in June 2010:

We walked the Kokoda Track over 11 days, in that time I slept in the sleeping bag 4 evenings as the weather was cold and the other nights I used the bag as a blanket, I also used a Black Wolf Mantis 11 tent. Every evening I slept in the liner and found the anti – insect treatment fantastic, this was especially noticeable on the last evening in Kokoda where there were plenty of mosquitos. My fellow walkers did nothing but complain about the mosquitos the next morning but I had no problems and enjoyed a wonderful night’s sleep. I didn’t experience any problems regarding moisture and found both the bag and liner fantastic. I have since used the bag in cold conditions last August in Dwellingup and over the last two weeks in the Kimberley in hot and humid conditions while cycling the Gibb River Road.
The liner washes well and is quick to dry and now gets left in the top of my sleeping bag.

Below was received from Duncan Clegg in FEB 2009:

I'd like to thank the makers of the Equip sleeping bag for making such an effective bug resistant product.
We used the Equip sleeping bag over a period of 3 months whilst completing the Bibbulmun track end to end, north to south. We started in spring and finished in summer. Through the last weeks of the walk, and promoted by the late rains, we found ourselves overnighting in the open huts with masses of mosquitoes. This was a worry because the areas down south are prone to the Ross River virus, a mosquito-borne flu like illness that can be quite debilitating. I had no net and I slept in the treated sleeping bag, whilst the others slept under nets. Most nights it was zipped up, but sometimes it was too hot so I had it open. Occasionally the buzz of the bugs woke me up, (and filled me with unease), but I was never bitten. I was told the bag was impregnated with a 'synthetic pyrethroid' which certainly seems to work.